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NAV Direct Investment Program:Demo Day 4

On 14th May, NUS Angel Ventures held our 4th Direct Investment Program (DIP) Demo Day. 7 shortlisted startups have joined us to pitch their innovative ideas that aim to drive change in our world today.

The 7 shortlisted startups are from healthcare, foodtech, facial recognition and more.

Here are our 7 startups and what they do:


Kinexcs is a data-driven health platform and wearables company enabling and empowering people for mobility and a better life. Kinexcs’s first product, KIMIA, is the world’s first continuous monitoring knee joint wearable device that looks to enhance knee osteoarthritis care for patients.

Crunch Cutlery

Crunch Cutlery is a startup that addresses the problems of plastic waste and poor urban nutrition. Their functional cutleries are edible, nutritional and waste-reducing.


AuroraFood is founded by a team of food scientists. They specialise in the development of functional bakery products with reduced negative impact of sugar, which allows everyone to enjoy the food they like.


TeOra combines biotechnology with bioinformatics to design microorganisms that manufacture natural alternative compounds. Through this, TeOra aims to introduce nutritious, natural and sustainable food.


Filmplace is the Airbnb for the film and media industry, They are currently the only international full-service, end-to-end platform that allows brands to book unique locations for their videos and photoshoots.

Constant Bearing

Constant Bearing seeks to improve the efficiency of the maritime industry. Using a collaborative platform, they seek to provide more efficient methods of cooperation between stakeholders involved in planning, executing and providing services for a ship in the port ecosystem.


Facepaz is an all new ticket-less way to deal with admissions and gain valuable consumer insights using Computer Vision and Face Recognition. Through Facepaz Access, businesses can ensure that the bookings are fully authenticated, highly secure and completely contactless.

We would like to thank all our investors and startups for taking the time out to join us and make the programme a success!

If you are a startup, looking to scale your startup, do reach out to us at !

We look forward to receiving your deck !

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