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Startup FAQs

  • What are the criteria of be an investor of NUS Angel Ventures?
    Our investors have to be a NUS alumni. As well as, someone who have experience and expertise knowledge in angel investment.
  • Do I have to pay any fees to join NUS Angel Ventures as an investor?
    There will NOT be any joining fees required by investors.
  • Will there be any success fee/carry fee from investing in startups?
    No. There will not be any success fee/carry fee from your investment in startups.
  • How will NUS Angel Ventures support the investor's journey?
    Investors of NUS Angel Ventures can choose to join us in either programme: DPI or SMP.
  • What kind of startups can investor invest through NUS Angel Ventures?
    We are open to startups operating different business models regardless of their industry, passion and operations. By being an investor of NUS Angel Ventures, you will be able to meet startups from various industries.
  • How much of an investment amount are the startup in NUS Angel Ventures looking at roughly ?
    Startups in NUS Angel Ventures are looking at a rough amount of S$5,000 to S$30,000. The amount may also increase to S$300,000 depending on other factors such as the industries and business model of startups.
  • Can I bring in startups that I am currently mentoring into NUS Angel Ventures?
    Yes. As long as the startups that you are mentoring is a startup in Southeast Asia, you are able to bring them into NUS Angel Ventures to get investment & mentoring sessions.
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